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If you run any type of small business like a Coffee Shop, AirBnb, Salon, Mechanic Shop, Restaurant etc..., or you're a sole Entrepreneur or working from home; Upstate Update can design, build and maintain the technology that is needed to run the business. If you want to focus on what matters in your business, and stop wasting time troubleshooting the technology aspect, Upstate Update is for you.

Yes. The services we provide improves all aspects of using the internet, including Online Learning. We can increase Wifi speeds, or make your computer faster.

No, Upstate Update is not currently an Internet Service Provider (ISP). We work on YOUR behalf to communicate with your ISP to enhance your experience.<br />Who likes talking to their ISP anyway? In fact we do. We specialize in talking with ISPs and make sure you, the customer, is getting what you pay for and in some cases we are able to lower your monthly bill with no decline in usability.

Yes! As a small business having efficient, reliable tech can make all the difference. Imagine not wasting time troubleshooting problems or researching solutions that don't deal directly with expanding your business. Wouldn't it be wonderful?

A fresh build or newly renovated building with the walls still open is the BEST time to install your new technology. Your Internet/Wifi, Cameras, and Speaker system can now be hidden in the walls with the most professional looking installation possible. (NO UGLY CABLES!) <br />Upstate Update will design and install the system that fits your wants and needs.

Currently Upstate Update is based on a for hire pricing model. <br />Estimates are FREE. Of course every job is different and prices will change accordingly. We take pride in being upfront and honest about everything the job entails.<br />When you need us, call us, and we will be there to help.

Yes, A secure guest network is one of the most neglected aspects of internet security. We can configure your Guest network to be separate from your business or home's network and even from other guests on the same network such as a coffee shop or salon. <br />This way your guests wont "crash" your business operation while everyone gets a similar internet experience.<br />Why wouldn't you protect your data and your guests?

Sure! We have the ability now to send your network through the air directly to where you want it (at a relatively low price). This means you can install cameras on your barn that can be recorded and viewed remotely. How convenient technology can be!

Explaining the nuances of how Wifi works is unnecessary and boring. Perhaps an analogy is in order! <br />Imagine 50 people in a small room all talking to each other in the same language at the same volume, while moving around the room simultaneously. Maybe they hear each other and maybe someone snoops in on the conversation and STEALS information but really it sounds like chaos. That's Wifi. <br />Now, imagine those same people instead of talking, writing down on a piece of paper what they want to communicate and handing the recipient their note. Ahh silence and effective communication with NO snooping! That's a hard wired connection. <br />How would you want your Security Camera to be connected now?

Of course. Upstate Update can help transfer your old computer to your new one without the time consuming operation of having to relocate every file and program.

Currently No. Upstate Update travels to your location for estimates and consultations that cannot be done over the phone or email.

The IoT (Internet of Things) - baby monitors, smart tvs, wifi lights, doorbells, thermometers, smart appliances, garage door openers etc.. These devices do not have good security. They are made as cheap as possible. This means people from outside your network can 'hack' and collect passwords from within the device gaining access to your entire network. For example, gaining access to your baby monitor feed, YIKES. Upstate Update can create an additional separate and secure network for your IoT devices to avoid potential breaches.

This is a great way to increase the value of network while decreasing Internet Service Provider monthly bills.